Monday, January 19, 2009

Denis Onan

My earliest documented ancestor is Denis Onan. He was born ca. 1720, most likely the grandson of Jean Onan. In 1743 he was living in Bucks County PA, where his daughter Mary was born. Denis also had 3 sons, Dennis, born 1748, William (my line), born 1753 and James, born in 1755. There may also have been a daughter named Rebecca born in 1750.

The family moved back to Virginia and was well established there by the year 1776 and in that year Denis signed a Dissenter's Petition.
Source - Treasure Up the Memory by James Frederick O'Nan

What's In a Name?

The Onan name originated in France. The earliest name on record in this country is contained in a list of French refugees (Huguenots) arriving at King William's Town in Virginia aboard the Peter and Anthony out of London, England in 1700. Here, in the Virginia Historical Society Collections, Vol. 5, New Series, pages 24 and 27, is set down the name of Jean Onan, his wife and one child.

Onan researchers in my family have said in regards to various spellings of the Onan name that "the old folks knew how to spell their name, and that ONAN was not a misspelling of O'Nan." Most families today spell their surname with the latter but back in history it is always Onan.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jesse Louise O'nan

My grandmother was born June 22nd 1922, to Harry Graham O'nan and Pearl Mae Brawner in the Harvieland district of Frankfort, Kentucky. She married John William (J.W.) Mackey on December 23rd 1939 in Frankfort, Kentucky. She was one of 4 children.

She had 2 younger brothers and an older sister. They were:

Katherine Jean O'nan, born January 7th, 1920 - died shortly after birth. Buried by the Kentucky River in Frankfort

Clayton Bacon O'nan, born August 5th, 1924 - died 2000

Charles Edward O'nan born June 17th, 1927 - died February 3rd, 1982

History In The Making...

This blog will serve as a repository of the family history I have gathered of my grandmother Jesse Louise O'nan Mackey.